The orcs are a subrace of Humans heavily mutated by radiation. Their brain growth has been stunted, and are not a very advanced race intellectually. However, they do seem to have a head for military tactics, though they do have trouble planning strategically. Because of this, orc warbands are usually led by a particularly barbaric human. Orc physiology is highly advanced; their gray skin is a hardened carapace, inlaid with chitinous fibers. They have much more muscle mass, denser bones, and sharp teeth. Unlike humans, orcs can eat raw meats without any problems and can even digest tree bark or roots, so an orc warband has very little upkeep compared to a similar-sized human force. They heal wounds much more quickly than humans, and their scar tissue is tougher than their normal skin; therefore, what doesn’t kill an orc literally makes them stronger.

Orcs of the West

The Orcs in the west are scattered and have no real unity besides to the tribe they live and travel with. Scattered around and with no real land the orcs raid towns and villages and ruthlessly slaughter people with no real intent or purpose. Orc barbarians are incorporated into the Valinium army as cannon fodder and cheap troops with low upkeep.

Orcs of the East

In the east, orcs make up large portions of the troops in the warlord clans, and a few brighter examples of orcs are warlords themselves. The elite forces of the clans have many highly experienced, battle-scarred orcs that can fight a score of lesser soldiers at once.


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