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Earth in the Year 3034

Most of the history of the world from the year 2008 to the current has been lost but what is known.

In the year 2008 The Brotherhood was founded based on the principals of the a group that fought for good in the world. Later on this group annexed a bunch of online hackers.

In they year 2020 after a nuclear war that had the world in ruins The Brotherhood became a political force in the United States trying to stop nuclear production and production of modern military weapons.

In the year 2650 The Brotherhood put a candidate up for president and claims their ideas decended from those of the Knights Templar a belief commonly accepted.

In the year 2742 months before The Brotherhoods plan came to fruition another nuclear war broke out that lead to a long nuclear winter that only ended in the year 3020. Due to the intense amounts of nuclear radiation large numbers of mutations have developed mainly in plants and wild life but in humans as well. Three new sub human races have emerged. The Elves a highly elitist still mainly group of inbred humans who are dependent on a new drug, melange which is caused by intense amounts of radiation effecting plants, they consider themselves above all other humans and non humans. The Dwarves a very hearty stout race that takes mainly to the mountains and canyons of the world. The Orcs a warrior like race thats brains have deteriorated but are very good in combat, The Elves seek orc slaves in large numbers.

Four years ago in 3030 a raid on the head quarters of the brotherhood destroyed their leadership and killed 10% of the total members but the rest were scattered and no longer a threat however that same year due to large amounts of war the nations of the world were divided in the sundering to the current states you see today. The Elitist Elves had a large influence in both of these acts and seek to control governments.

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Josh Hamilton

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Pei tribe




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